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Announcing the Designated Emphasis (DE) in Political Economy

We are delighted to announce a Designated Emphasis (DE) in Political Economy for PhD students at UC Berkeley beginning with the Spring 2022 semester. We believe that this program will have multiple benefits for faculty and graduate students with an interest in political economy and for the campus community more broadly. It will provide Ph.D.-level training for doctoral students with an interest in political economy, a field of study that transcends any single discipline. It will break down barriers across academic units within our campus, and foster an interdisciplinary community of faculty and graduate students. And it will position Berkeley at the cutting edge of the study of interdisciplinary political economy, both nationally and internationally.

Graduate Courses, Spring 2023

Core Designated Emphasis Courses

POLSCI 226A International Political Economy
Prof. Ryan Brutger, M 12-2pm

SOCIOL 280Q Economy and Society
Prof. Neil Fligstein, Tu 2-4pm

HISTORY 280D From the Gilded Age to the New Gilded Age
Prof. Mark Brilliant, Th 12-2pm

ECON 210A Introduction to Economic History
Prof. Barry J Eichengreen & Prof. J. Bradford Delong, W 1-3pm

ECON 215B Political Economics
Prof. Francesco Trebbi, F 2-4pm

LAW 217.1 History of Political Economy
Prof. David Singh Grewal, Time TBD

PHDBA 279PC Political Economy: Empirics
Prof. Guo Xu & Prof. Francesco Trebbi, Time TBD

PHDBA 279PD Economic Institutions in Historical Perspective
Prof. Ernesto Dal Bo, Th 2-5pm

Eligible Third Courses for Designated Emphasis (Suggestions)

SOCIOL 280D Organizations
Prof. Heather Haveman, Th 2-4pm

ECON 210B Topics in European Economic History
Prof. Barry Eichengreen, F 12-2pm

ESPM 262 Race, Identity and the Environment
Prof. Michael Mascarenhas, Tu 9am-12pm

ESPM 290 Political Ecologies of Climate Change Adaptation (Crosslisted as ENERES 290)
Prof. Meg Mills-Novoa, M 2-5pm

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