DEEPFAKE : A rhetorical and economic alternative to address the so-called “Post-Truth Era”

The Network invites you to a one-day symposium organized by to engage a variety of perspectives on the challenges of deepfake technologies. The Purpose: Since Greek antiquity, the rhetorical tradition has proposed to conceive and apprehend the search for truth differently from the Western philosophical tradition that was born with Plato. Platonic politics wished […]

Matrix on Point: Wealth and Taxes

The Network invites you to a discussion between four preeminent scholars of wealth, taxation, and inequality to discuss the global ecosystem of tax avoidance. How do the wealthy maintain their wealth through tax havens, and what can we learn about these opaque practices? In this panel, experts will explain the global ecosystem of tax avoidance, […]

Making Climate Policy: The Inflation Reduction Act

The Network welcomes Prof. Leah Stokes (Political Science, UC Santa Barbara) to discuss the creation and ramifications of the Inflation Reduction Act for climate policy. Dr. Stokes will explain the process of agenda setting and policy crafting for the Inflation Reduction Act. She will cover agenda setting for climate policy during the Democratic presidential primaries […]

Book Talk: The Long Land War

Join The Network for a conversation with Prof. Jo Guldi (History & Data Science, Southern Methodist University) about her most recent book about the fundamental form of capital in capitalism: land. Most nations in Asia, Latin America, and Africa experienced some form of “land reform” in the twentieth century. But what is land reform? In […]

Du Bois’s International Thought: Empire, Race, and Political Economy

On March 24th, the Network welcomes Prof. Jennifer Pitts from the University of Chicago to discuss W.E.B. Du Bois’s views on the “world shadow” cast by democratic despotism. The talk draws upon Prof. Pitts’s recent edited volume W. E. B. Du Bois: International Thought (2022, Cambridge University Press, with Adom Getachew). Prof. David Singh Grewal (Berkeley […]

The Market Giveth; The Market Taketh Away: Blessed Be the Name of the Market?

The Network invites you to a conversation between Glory M. Liu (Harvard), Jacob Soll (USC), and Brad DeLong (Berkeley) about the intellectual origins of market society and how the Scottish philosopher Adam Smith became an icon of American capitalism. The discussion builds on Dr. Liu’s new book Adam Smith’s America: How a Scottish Philosopher Became […]

Slouching Towards Utopia: An Economic History of the Twentieth Century

On September 1, 2022, Bradford DeLong, Professor of Economics at UC Berkeley, discussed his recent book, Slouching Towards Utopia: An Economic History of the Twentieth Century. DeLong was joined in conversation by Robert Brenner, Professor Emeritus and Director of the Center for Social Theory and Comparative History at UCLA. The talk was moderated by Steven Vogel, Co-Director of the […]

Book Talk: The Critique of Commodification with Christoph Hermann

Join the Network for a discussion with Christoph Hermann about his new book The Critique of Commodification. Sharad Chari (Geography) will serve as discussant. About the Book: In recent years activists around the globe have challenged the commodification of water, education, health care, and other essential goods, while academics have warned from unintended effects when […]

Exploring the Limits to Growth Model: A conversation with Gaya Herrington

Join N2PE for a conversation with Gaya Herrington (VP of ESG Research at Schneider Electric) for a conversation about her research on the Limits to Growth, based on the first system dynamics model of the world. Gaya will discuss what her research, covered extensively in the media last year, means for how we view economics, […]

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